ARBAT is a Belgian company partnered with MammuttiHirsi, the leading Finish producer of pure glued laminated timer housing.

From Finland, with love

By working with MammuttiHirsi, ARBAT can offer its clients the rich experience of the Finish timber industry. Glulam beams are known for their quality and strength, ensuring high durability and long-lasting security. It's also an extremely flexible material, making it adapt easily to your needs. The northern pine used is of the highest grade, and there is no better choice for your pure wood home.

The Finish experience, customized just for you

The mission of ARBAT is to adapt Finish quality to the needs of its Belgian and European customers. The glued laminated timber allows for very personalized designs. It fits perfectly with all architectural standards and to city planning requirements. It can also combine easily with other materials, adding its sturdy but elegant look.

Naturally efficient

Our houses are built with 100% biologically pure materials, giving great natural insolation, as proven by the freezing Finish winters.

We're looking forward to meeting face-to-face...